Expanding the prop trading experience​

A cutting-edge concept

The Trading Pit is a pioneering prop trading company that operates globally, spanning over 160 countries. Setting itself apart from traditional brokers, Trading Pit introduces prop trading as a cutting-edge concept in the fintech industry. The concept is straightforward: Once a Challenge is passed successfully, The Trading Pit offers Earning Accounts, allowing them to start trading solely on demo accounts with virtual trading assets.

Successfully meeting the Profit Targets yields payouts and unlocks an upgraded account with a more extensive capital base. As clients enhance their skills, they progress through various account levels and can retain up to 80% of their profits. The goal is account growth and maximising earnings. The better you become, the more options you unlock.

The Trading Pit approached us in 2022 with the goal to broaden its reach and expand its business.

Areas of focus:

Website: TheTradingpit

Taking prop trading to the global scene

The Trading Pit’s  goal was to globally boost brand awareness, expand active accounts, and attract unique trading experience enthusiasts. In response, we crafted a potent PPC strategy to elevate their brand presence and credibility. By identifying target markets through market research and keyword analysis, we launched focused PPC campaigns for lead generation and conversion, yielding excellent results and instilling confidence in the emerging brand.

Motivated by positive results and our PPC expertise, The Trading Pit extended our collaboration to a social media ‘ignition’ project. Their aim was for us to demystify the realm of paid social media. Having previously relied solely on organic methods, TTP sought to scale their brand, enhance credibility, and pave the way for effective lead generation using social platforms. We began the project with brand awareness campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok, successfully engaging a diverse global audience. Building upon this foundation, our focus soon shifted to driving web traffic and cultivating valuable leads.

The Trading Pit success story in numbers

Over the course of 10 months, our collaboration yielded outstanding results, illustrating the effectiveness of our performance marketing strategies.

PPC Leads




FB Followers


Paid Social Leads


A trusted business partner you can rely on. I have been working with the Marketing Nest team since 2016, and their support is phenomenal. I can always rely on them to do the job at the most optimal level and in the business’s best interest.
Themis Christou
Chief Marketing Officer

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