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Paid Advertising

We specialise in paid advertising services across search engines, social media, and the open web, focusing on your desired results, whether it’s brand visibility, subscriptions or sales.

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Web Analytics

We meticulously investigate your website for improvements and provide detailed insights. Additionally, we set up tracking across your website and advertising platforms to monitor and measure your desired actions. This is crucial for boosting conversions and advancing your business.


There is no off-the-shelf SEO solution for any business. We conduct thorough site audits and determine the right SEO improvements to enable your website to speak to search engines across devices and boost conversion rates. 

Audits & Strategy

Not seeing the results you expected from your campaigns? Let us step in to conduct a thorough audit of your PPC and social media efforts, and work with you to refine your marketing strategy’s performance.

Premium Support

We're a Partner Agency with direct connections to Google and Microsoft. This means their teams work closely with us on managing your ad accounts.

Exclusive access to latest tools

We have early access to many beta tools from Google and Microsoft, providing a competitive advantage for your brand.

Performance mindset

We're a performance-driven marketing agency dedicated to achieving your objectives through data-driven strategies and ensuring your marketing campaigns continually improve.

Frequently asked questions

In essence, performance marketing is all about using data-driven strategies to maximise the impact of marketing campaigns. Instead of focusing on the ‘big picture’ we focus on achieving measurable results, such as leads, sales, or conversions.

Start by defining your goals for paid marketing – do you want more website visitors, sales, or subscribers? Next, ensure your online presence is polished with a clean website and active social media (even if it’s modest, its best to establish an organic online presence). 

Then, schedule a free consultation with us. We’ll review your offerings and recommend the most effective advertising approach, whether it’s through search, video, or other methods.

Investing in paid ads can benefit your business by increasing visibility, driving more targeted traffic, and generating quicker results. Unlike organic marketing, paid advertising delivers faster results and ensures your message reaches the right audience at the right time, maximising your budget’s efficiency. In summary, paid ads place your brand in front of actively searching customers, securing your digital presence.

Surprisingly, some brands we start collaborating with lack tracking on their websites – some don’t even have Google Analytics set up! It’s like trying to find your way in the dark: you can’t see who’s visiting your site, how they’re using it, or what content they prefer. So, start with the basics: track things like button clicks, subscriptions, and page scrolls. This data shows you what’s working and what needs improvement. Then, connect your website tracking to advertising platforms like Google Ads or Meta to understand how users find your site and what they do next. All this data will help you fine-tune your ads to attract more customers similar to your ideal audience.

A Google Partner is a recognition awarded to digital marketing agencies or professionals who meet specific criteria set by Google. To earn and maintain this status every year, they must:

  • Be the first to master the latest Google tools and pass all the exams.
  • Consistently deliver high-performing Google Ads campaigns.
  • Build long-term client relationships and acquire new clients.
  • Demonstrate the ability to grow clients’ accounts and increase their ROI annually.
  • Meet Google’s ad spend requirements.


We’ve been a Google Partner Agency for over 8 years, demonstrating our expertise in managing successful Google Ads campaigns.

In today’s digital era, marketing plays a crucial role in driving business success. While 97% of businesses manage certain marketing functions in-house, this approach presents its own set of challenges. Balancing the need to uphold established techniques while fostering innovation is no small feat!

On the flip side, teaming up with an agency like ours offers a refreshing perspective and industry-specific expertise. With a track record of success across a range of businesses, we specialise in delivering measurable results, particularly in paid advertising. Our dedicated teams for specific tasks ensure you benefit from the full team’s support and specialised expertise, boosting your marketing efforts.

Our agency was founded in 2016, originally serving clients in the finance and fintech sectors. As time has passed, our expertise has grown to include clients in media, tourism, real estate, and eCommerce industries. Recently, our work with fintech, eCommerce, and real estate brands has been acknowledged and awarded at the Cyprus Digital Marketing Awards!

We are a small and close-knit team, focusing on building strong connections. We view our clients as partners and collaborators because we believe in working together as one team to achieve the best results. Additionally, we benefit from a robust support network, including partnerships with industry leaders like Google and Microsoft, as well as local businesses, ensuring your needs are well-supported. Our commitment to staying updated with the latest industry trends and changes makes us a knowledgeable resource. In summary, we are a friendly, honest, transparent, and knowledgeable team, proving that even though we’re small, we’re mighty.

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