We are the people behind the machines

We wake up every morning thinking about clicks and touch points, trying to remember those weird dreams we had about conversion funnels and performance display. When we get out of bed and have our morning coffee, we’re a performance marketing agency that helps companies like yours make the most out of their organic and paid advertising potential. 

Basically, we spend the day doing what we love. Promoting, engaging, measuring, optimising — you bet, we have performance marketing down to a science. But we also try to figure out new and exciting ways to turn every click that comes your way into your next loyal customer. We might even get too excited sometimes. We’re a little odd that way, but our clients love us.


We are firm believers that every brand deserves a place in the digital arena.

Our values guide how we operate as a business and how we run projects, sitting at the core of what Marketing Nest has to offer. We are passionate about what we do and have an innate need to pioneer and break new ground. This is our ethos. Above all, we remain fanatical to being transparent when it comes to the numbers and budgets, and human when it comes to partnerships and relationships.

We are

Our North Star? Data. It never deceives. Whether it’s about marketing performance or everyday life, we steadfastly trust that the truth lies in the numbers.

We love
to explore

Our passion and curiosity are likely what brought us into the world of performance marketing, where testing and exploring the optimal variables is the name of the game. 

We keep
it simple

Trust and transparency make our collaborations refreshingly simple and uncomplicated. As long as we’re on the same page, there’s nothing to worry about!

We value real

We don’t have clients; we see everyone we work with as our partners and collaborators. Success is built on genuine human connection and collaboration, and that’s what we firmly believe in.

The people behind our success


Angelos Potamitis

Founder & Director


Andreas Kyriacou

Director | Head of Performance Marketing

Margarita Kaminskaite Marketing Nest

Margarita Kaminskaite

Paid Social Manager


Leon Lazarou

Senior Performance Marketing Manager

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