Cyprus 3x3

Building a national streetball events brand


Bringing streetball to Cyprus

Cyprus 3×3, originally held exclusively in Limassol in 2015, has since evolved into a nationwide streetball event, hosting games in Paphos, Limassol, Nicosia, and Larnaca. We’ve been collaborating with the Cyprus 3×3 team right from the very beginning on annual projects, which include a range of PPC and social media campaigns customised for different cities across Cyprus, all aimed at enhancing the popularity of Cyprus 3×3 urban sports events.

Areas of focus:

Website: Cyprus 3×3

From local to national

The key challenge was to help elevate Cyprus 3×3 as a national streetball event in Cyprus. Our team at Marketing Nest was entrusted with the mission to boost player registrations, enhance online brand presence, increase merchandise sales, and provide web analytics reports to assist the Cyprus 3×3 team in assessing the success of their annual events.

To achieve these objectives, we developed a comprehensive pay-per-click (PPC) and paid social media strategy to drive registrations for each event. Our holistic approach encompassed display & video campaigns to enhance brand recognition, discovery campaigns to retarget users, and search campaigns to capture users at the final stages of conversion. Additionally, our social media strategy aimed to engage a broader audience of players and spectators, while simultaneously expanding their social channel following by strategically advertising to potential players and local basketball enthusiasts.

Cyprus 3x3 success story in numbers

Concluding the 2023 season, all Cyprus 3×3 events were a great success, with most player categories sold out, web traffic and social media channels booming and spectator numbers on the rise. Now, we eagerly await the 2024 streetball season, where we hope to achieve even greater results!

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Their expertise was top-notch, and the results went beyond our expectations. Our tournaments reached record-breaking attendance and engagement, thanks to their efforts.
Timea Jacenkova
Digital Marketing Manager

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