Building an internationally renowned brand in the era of COVID-19

BDSwiss -Marketing Nest Client

Expanding Horizons

BDSwiss, a leading financial institution, partnered with Marketing Nest in 2019 with a goal of boosting market share and brand recognition. With over 1.5 million clients in 186 countries, BDSwiss aimed to attract more traders and achieve higher returns on their digital investment.

To tackle the competitive forex industry, we devised a smart strategy utilising multiple networks and channels, including the Search Network, to effectively reach our growth targets. Our solution? An award-winning strategy that secured a prize in ‘Best Paid Search’ category at the Cyprus Digital Marketing Awards 2021. Dive in to discover our journey.

Areas of focus:

Website: BDSwiss

From crisis to an opportunity

The COVID-19 outbreak had an unforeseen global impact, especially on financial markets. Remote work and advanced technology led more people to engage in financial trading. This increased competition among brokers, driving up keyword prices and saturating the market with financial advertising.

To answer this, we used SEO, SEM, and Analytics to understand changing online behaviour and preferences. By optimising keywords and audience targeting, we created a conversion funnel for a better user experience. Our remarketing campaigns became more personalised based on the user’s stage in the funnel. With a data-driven strategy, we expanded into new markets, attracting quality traders and building an internationally renowned brand.

BDSwiss success story in numbers

This innovative campaign was an award-winning success. As a proof of its results we received a prize in Best Paid Search Campaign category at the Cyprus Digital Marketing Awards in 2021.



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