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Replicating offline success in the digital space

Founded in 2004, Singular is one of the leading IT solutions providers in Cyprus. The company has established a strong reputation in the local community through its physical store. Seeking to expand its customer base and replicate its offline success in the digital space, Singular approached us for assistance.

Specifically, the company wanted help with developing a strategy for e-commerce sales and leveraging their successful brand online to turn their digital store into a new revenue stream. Our solution? An award-winning eCommerce strategy that secured the Gold at the Cyprus Digital Marketing Awards 2022. Dive in to discover our journey.

Areas of focus:

Singular Awards

Fresh face in the eCommerce space

As a new player in the digital space, Singular faced the significant challenge of establishing their online presence and driving e-commerce sales. To address this, we kicked off the campaign planning by conducting a comprehensive brand presence audit and competitor analysis. This exercise allowed us to identify the most attractive opportunities for our client. Additionally, we delved into researching the demographics, interests, and behaviors of our target audience to develop effective messaging and select the most appropriate channels for reaching them.


The full-funnel journey

Our research revealed that a multichannel strategy that covers all stages of the sales funnel will be the most effective strategy to help Singular grow online.

Starting with brand awareness campaigns and optimizing for maximum efficiency, we successfully drove brand recognition and engagement. Building on this momentum, we focused on high-intent audiences, ensuring a seamless journey through the funnel. By leveraging targeted advertising, retargeting tactics, and utilizing first-party historical data, we crafted a highly efficient and cost-effective campaign, leading to a successful and ongoing partnership with Singular.

Award-winning collaboration with Singular

In a year, our data-driven strategy transformed Singular eCommerce into a key revenue source, winning three Cyprus Digital Marketing Awards: Gold for Best eCommerce Marketing, and Bronze for Digital Multi-Channel and Best Sales Campaigns. These accolades underscore the effectiveness of our strategy and highlight the strength of our partnership with Singular, a collaboration we highly appreciate!



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