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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Search Ads are a form of digital marketing that allows businesses to target potential customers who are actively searching for specific products or services. This makes Search Ads an incredibly effective tool for businesses that want to reach their target audience at the right time. And don’t just take our word for it – did you know that a whopping 47% of all global purchases happen online?

This highlights the huge potential your brand can achieve by being in front of customers ready to buy.

With Marketing Nest, you’re in capable hands – we’re certified Google Partners, equipped to guide you through the digital landscape for maximum impact.

Work with certified search professionals

As an official Google Partner agency for over 8 years, our team holds numerous certifications, including the Google Search Ads Professional certification.This gives us exclusive access to test new tools and updates, even before they’re released to the general public, ensuring our clients stay ahead of the competition.

The science of
paid search

Even the most basic PPC campaign has a large number of variables. We work tirelessly to fine-tune each campaign to the unique needs of our partner brands. All the activities, like keyword research, ad copy creation, landing page optimisation, bid management, budget planning and placing ads on different channels and in various formats, are aligned with your business goals. We research, execute, test, and track. Our targeting is precise, and we help you reach different touch-points throughout the buyer journey. Again, and again. With amazing results.

Research & strategy

We begin with a comprehensive account audit, pinpointing past successes to carry forward. Then, we look at your competitors to understand their tactics. This information helps us craft a strong PPC strategy, especially regarding keywords and ensuring your ads stand out.

Finding keywords and crafting ads

We gather relevant keywords and put them into categories so we can create powerful targeted advertisements. Keyword selection is critical for targeting the right audience with the right message.

Precise targeting

We harness the power of machine learning and AI to ensure laser-focused ad delivery. We’re dedicated to optimising your ad spend, ensuring your message reaches the right audiences at the right time. This means no wasted resources, and every ad is seen by the most relevant individuals, maximising your campaign’s performance.

Conversion rate optimisation

After your campaigns are live, our team consistently monitors and fine-tunes them. We maintain open communication with you, ensuring you stay informed about your ad account’s performance. When we reach our desired metrics, we intensify our efforts, with a specific focus on improving your conversion rates.

Paid search ads in action

How we helped Tickmill boost digital performance with the help of search ads

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Programmatic ads are the epitome of performance marketing, where machine learning algorithms take the lead. They masterfully balance laser-focused targeting with global outreach.

eCommerce advertising

Our end-to-end marketing approach ensures that every facet of your online shop is optimised for peak performance. We analyse, track, advertise and optimise to maximise your eCommerce revenues.  


Display &
video ads

Display and video ads serve as your digital billboards. They broadcast your story to the online world, ensuring it reaches the right audience precisely when it’s most relevant.


Paid social ads act as your digital socialite. They let your brand mingle in the online social scene, ensuring your message effortlessly connects with your target audience amid the social media chatter.

Get your business found online

PPC is the key to being found on search engines by the right person at the right time! If that’s what you’re seeking, don’t hesitate to book your free consultation. Our team is ready to assist you!

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