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Our end-to-end eComms advertising approach ensures that every facet of your digital venture is optimised for peak performance. Whether you’re a startup looking to establish your presence or a seasoned player aiming for exponential growth, our eCommerce advertising solutions service is designed to revamp your customer experience, streamline your sales process, and skyrocket your online revenue. In short, it’s a complete solution from tracking to ads .

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Elevate your ecommerce strategy by teaming up with us, the proud recipients of three prestigious awards at the Cyprus Digital Marketing Awards. These accolades include the Gold Award for “Best Digital Marketing Strategy for eCommerce,” as well as two Bronze Awards for “Best Digital Multi-Channel Campaign” and “Best Sales Campaign.” Importantly, all of these awards were earned for our outstanding results in driving substantial growth for one of our valued ecommerce clients, Singular IT. 

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How we helped Singular IT Solutions create a successful online revenue stream within 12 months

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Boost your eCommerce success with performance marketing

We foster connections, capture attention, and drive conversions while optimising your budget using data. This holistic approach guarantees a captivating shopping experience that converts and ensures thriving online shop sales with our expertise in tracking, data feeds, and advertising.


First, we conduct both external and internal analyses of your e-commerce business to establish the best digital strategy. Externally, we focus on helping you simplify customer experiences, ensuring they navigate your digital landscape with ease. Internally, we dive deep into your data to unveil your target audience’s essence, optimising strategies for the most effective engagement. 


As performance marketers, we follow data at every step of the way. We set up comprehensive e-commerce tracking and ensure seamless data flow. We also help with troubleshooting your product catalogs and feed issues, enabling you to track sales back to their source and identify top-performing marketing channels


With a full-picture of your offerings and meticulous tracking of customer journeys on your website, we transition into the advertising phase. Our certified team curates data-driven, full-funnel search engine, open web and social media ads. This approach ensures that we engage with your ideal customers precisely when it matters most, helping you attract new clients and convert one-time buyers into lifelong customers.



Our journey doesn’t end with ads; instead, we are committed to enhancing strategies for optimal performance. Our foundation is rooted in data-driven approaches, and we have a strong focus on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).  Whilst, our retargeting initiatives boost customer lifetime value, ensuring sustained growth and lasting success.

Explore the power of paid ads


PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is your digital megaphone. It ensures you pay only when your message is heard, making every cent count in the noisy online crowd.

Display &
video ads

Display and video ads serve as your digital billboards. They broadcast your story to the online world, ensuring it reaches the right audience precisely when it’s most relevant.


Paid social ads act as your digital socialite. They let your brand mingle in the online social scene, ensuring your message effortlessly connects with your target audience amid the social media chatter.


Programmatic ads are the epitome of performance marketing, where machine learning algorithms take the lead. They masterfully balance laser-focused targeting with global outreach.

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