Programmatic advertising

Reach 1 billion+ monthly users with programmatic

Simply put, programmatic advertising is the epitome of performance marketing, where machine learning algorithms take the lead. By harnessing the power of software algorithms and automation to buy, place, and optimise digital ads, performance marketing ensures the most efficient use of your marketing budgets.

The entire process operates on full automation and is data-driven, with algorithms continuously analysing real-time audience data. This ensures the delivery of the most relevant ad to each user, allowing for truly personalised communication at an unprecedented scale.

Tap into the global network

As Certified Google Partners, we have exclusive access to Google’s DV360 programmatic ad exchanges as well as partner access to and customer data, which enables us to target audiences more effectively than ever before.

DV360 is the leading programmatic advertising platform, reaching over 1 billion+ monthly users. Think about the vast expanse of Google’s services, including YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Chrome, and countless other platforms where your ads can be strategically placed!

Programmatic advertising offers flexibility to deploy multiple ad formats such as display, video, YouTube, native, and audio across various device types, making it the ideal tool for targeted communication on a global scale.


Use programmatic for advertising on

….and 100’s of additional websites and platforms

Our process

Making your brand found is what we do.

It is no secret that at our core, we are a performance marketing agency with a strong focus on search engine marketing. Thus, leveraging our expertise in search ads and programmatic’s vast reach, we can create the ultimate promotional mix to engage your customers across the entire journey, delivering a consistent brand message and targeting specific audiences at every stage.


Analyse your brand & data

We dive deep into understanding your brand and utilise your data to identify the most relevant audience segments, ensuring laser-focused targeting for your campaign from the get go.

Reach target audiences

We strategically choose programmatic ad networks and placements to effectively reach potential customers who are most likely to engage and convert, all while maintaining a broad reach.

Automated real-time bidding

Let machine automation do its magic! DV360 automated real-time bidding system takes the reins, securing optimal ad placements in the blink of an eye, maximising your campaign’s visibility and cost-efficiency.

CRO & reporting

Once your campaigns are live, we keep a close eye on them, making continuous adjustments. We amp up when we hit our goals, especially focusing on boosting your conversion rates. Plus, we regularly provide reports to keep everyone in the loop on the performance.

Explore the power of paid ads

Paid search

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is your digital megaphone. It ensures you pay only when your message is heard, making every cent count in the noisy online crowd.


Our end-to-end marketing approach ensures that every facet of your online shop is optimised for peak performance. We analyse, track, advertise and optimise to maximise your eCommerce revenues.  


Display &
video ads

Display and video ads serve as your digital billboards. They broadcast your story to the online world, ensuring it reaches the right audience precisely when it’s most relevant.

Paid social

Paid social ads act as your digital socialite. They let your brand mingle in the online social scene, ensuring your message effortlessly connects with your target audience amid the social media chatter.

Expand your brand's reach

Unlock extensive brand reach with programmatic advertising. Book a free consultation to explore how programmatic ads can amplify your presence in your target markets.

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